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The Cowboys Gamble Janelle Denison

The Cowboys Gamble

Janelle Denison

163 pages
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 About the Book 

Eleven years ago Seth OConnor left Josie McAllister brokenhearted. But now the sexy, smooth talking cowboy is on her doorstep, with a legal document that laid claim not only to McAllister property but to Josie, as well.Learning that her father had gambled away not just the family ranch, but Josies future on one game of cards has her fighting to safeguard her home, along with protecting her daughter from a past filled with painful secrets between her and Seth.But this cowboy is determined to claim what is now rightfully his, and Josie has a difficult choice to make. She can either give up her home to her family nemesis, or marry a man shed taught herself to hate….Dear Reader,THE COWBOY’S GAMBLE was originally written as a Harlequin Romance in 1998 (as Bride Included), and is much sweeter and more traditional in tone than my current books. I’m thrilled to have the rights back to this book that has been out of print for years, and I’m equally thrilled to share some of my earlier novels with my readers.This book was originally written at a time when cowboys, marriages of convenience, and secret babies were a very popular theme in romance novels. I’ve made a few changes to update certain aspects of the story, but the classic tone remains the same.I hope you enjoy Seth and Josie’s story!Happy Reading,Janelle Denison